Goulburn Poultry Fanciers' Society - Poultry Auction

Sunday 16 September 2018

Sunday, 16 September 2018

The Goulburn Poultry Fanciers' Society poultry auctions average 80+ vendors and 100+ buyers with over 1,000 fowl in more than 500 pens. The extensive range varies but generally includes a selection of softfeather, hardfeather, standard, bantam, waterfowl, pure bred, rare, cross breeds, guinea fowl, peafowl, turkeys, pheasants and other bird breeds such as quail, parrots and finches, plus sale of equipment such as incubators, feeders and carry boxes.

Auction at†9am sharp, commencing with misc. items (eg. aviary birds & fertile eggs) before moving on to penned poultry. Buyers must register at the desk prior to bidding.

Venue:†Poultry Pavilion, Goulburn Showground (Gate 6), Braidwood Road, Goulburn

Buyers should bring boxes, cages or other suitable containers to transport birds home after purchase. (NB: Goulburn Poultry Fanciers' Society support and enforce the RSPCA ban on transporting birds to or from the auction in bags/sacks or tied by the legs.)

EFTPOS facilities available.Canteen available on the day. Stewards are always welcome.

Penning commences:†††
2pm - 5pm Saturday,†
7am - 8am Sunday morning†
no late entries accepted.†