The 2GN Endless Summer Is Back

The 2GN Endless Summer Returns This Thursday!

Summer is all about lazing by the pool, swatting the flies off the BBQ and heading off to a secluded spot for a break with family and friends.

At 2GN we're giving you the perfect soundtrack for summer with the 2GN Endless Summer.

With plenty of summer fun and music including themed countdowns, Summer Super Stars, Top 5 Countdowns, two in a row from your favourite artists and so much more to keep you cool and having fun throughout the warmer months.

So wherever you are, keep it on 2GN for your summer soundtrack. It's another Endless Summer at Forever Classic 2GN!

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Your Song

Each night, Monday to Thursday, 2GN's Larry Appley wants to know the story behind the songs you love.


Craig's Furniture One 3 Of A Kind

Get one question wrong and another listener gets the chance to answer the remaining questions and go in the monthly draw themselves!

7.40am weekdays in The Local Breakfast Show!

Newsflash Item

Anyone thinking of breaking into the Goulburn Railway Bowling Club should think again, with a state of the art security system installed.

The new DNA Guardian criminal marking system means the Club's own synthetic sterile DNA will be sprayed in a fine mist onto criminals during an armed hold up or break an enter.

The DNA will stay on criminals for months allowing police to track them down if they escape. More than a thousand of the systems have already been installed nationwide.

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